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Apollo and the Sixteen Million Colors: Music and New Technologies

Reflection on the consequences of electroacoustic and computer technologies on music. New concepts and possibilities, new virtualities, new questions... Published in italian ("La musica e le nuove tecnologie : Apollo e i sedici milioni di colori", in Dal vinile a Internet, Silva, Francesco & Ramello, Giovanni, editors and translators, Fondazione G. Agnelli, 1999)

Compositional Formalization

Doctoral Thesis, under supervision of Iannis Xenakis

Computer Sound Synthesis

General overview of computer sound synthesis in 1982

Jonathan Harvey's Bhakti

Notes on the realization of the tape part of Jonathan Harvey's work Bhakti, using Music V. In collaboration with Jonathan Harvey et al. (1984)


The very general and powerful concept of interpolation can be applied in numerous fields. Such a process has been experimented in two domains by composition students, beginners in computer music: spectral interpolations in one case, and rhythmical in the other. The implementations and contexts are described. Results are presented (2009)

The Ordinary Adventures of Modernity

Reflection on artistic creation, its tension between modernism and academism. Do new technologies imply new musical concepts, or a redefinition of music itself? (1988)

A Panoply of Stochastic "Cannons"

Elements of Probability Theory and of its applications in music. Mathematics, formulas and algorithms for the obtention of various stochastic (probability) distributions (1980)

The Pedagogy of Open Environments in the SONVS Electroacoustic and Computer Music Department of the Conservatoire national Supérieur de musique of Lyon

Pedagogical description and reflection (1998 and 1999)

Quelques petits êtres...

One can only wonder at the essence of mathematics, of music, and of their relations. However, one can naturally use mathematical functions to shape musical material. Stochastic examples illustrate this topic (1996)

Quelques petits objets...

Multi-task LISP environment, allowing to simultaneously run several real-time musical processes (1996)

Realization of 18th Century Musical Games: Mozart & Stadler

The musical games published during the 18th century belong to an evolution leading to the first 20th century experiments in algorithmic composition. Two of these publications—one attributed to Mozart, the other by Maximilian Stadler—were realized in the form of LISP data and functions. The two works are compared, score excerpts are shown (2003)

Jean-Claude Risset's Inharmonique

Analysis of the tape part of Jean-Claude Risset's work Inharmonique. Tape synthesized by computer using Music V (1980)

Jean-Claude Risset's Resonant Sound Spaces

Presentation of Jean-Claude Risset's work Resonant Sound Spaces and, in particular, how material from the preceding work Inharmonique was used. In collaboration with Jean-Claude Risset, Daniel Arfib, Antonio de Sousa Dias and Laurent Pottier (2002)

SONVS 10th Anniversary

Brief pedagogic manifesto (1999)

Space, Yes...

Music, its dimensions, time and space. The limits of spatialization for the public performance of electroacoustic music (1988)

The Well-Measured Contrast

Sequencing of musical material based on the measure of contrasts. A few misprints in the original Interface publication are corrected here (1991)
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