Welcome on NemoX tutorial series, these step-by-step tutorials will help you on using NemoX intefaces to make DirectX8.1 based 3d application.
This tutorial 1 How to setup visual basic IDE before making games with NemoX


----TUTORIAL 1---

Setting up the NemoX engine

This tutorial is very short because it explains only how to setup the NemoX engine in Visual Basic...


1. Setting Needed Files

2. Vb IDE configuration



1:Setting Needed Files

First Thing to do is to Download The SetUp file. The program will install all needed files (Main NemoX Dll+MathLibrary). Then the program will register the engine on the system. This will make NemoX availble on the Visual Basic Project=>Reference Menu.

So Get The SetUP file Here.

Then install the files in your folder you have choosen for it.



2:Visual Basic IDE configuration

Then Launch VB, inside IDE go to the Project Menu and Select "reference" as shown in that picture below.


To activate NemoX engine Just Add reference to This files:

'NemoX directx8 engine....'

'Nemo Fast math Routines'

'DirectX8 for visual basic'  (optional)


Now your project is ready to use all NemoX engine Interfaces..

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