Welcome to NemoX engine tutorial 3
This tutorial will show you how to make Fullscreen application with NemoX engine.
All base code for typical NemoX engine code structure will be explained here


----TUTORIAL 3---

Making a 3d Fullscreen application

You will Need The NemoX engine Get it Here

download the Visual Source codehere


This tutorial is exactly the same as the previous one we'll use the same BaseCode.

We just have to modify the InitEngine() sub by this one.

'we will used that sub for the engine initialization

Sub InitEngine()
   'first thing allocate memory for the main Object
   Set Nemo = New NemoX
   'we use this method
   'Device type 'use TnLdevice 'not Syncronize with vertical refresh
Nemo.INITIALIZE_FullScreen Form1.hWnd, NEMO_HAL_DEVICE, False, 800, 600, 16, True, 1

   'set the back clearcolor
   Nemo.BackBuffer_ClearCOLOR = RGB(255, 0, 0)
    'call the main game Loop
   Call gameLoop
End Sub


If all code are okay you obtain a blue screen with FPS:800 or 61 if VertSincOFF=False.Here is a screen Shot Below


See you in the next Tutorial.....sincerly Polaris..Don't forget Any Bugs detected mailMe


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