Yoko Kume


Yoko Kume was born in Tokyo. While in Japan and in France, she studyed oil painting at Musashino Art University  in Tokyo, and at the ENSBA of Paris (École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris). She was educated by well-known Italien Artist Leonard Cremonini duaring 6 years in Paris. She receved many honors including selection by French Art Academy for «  Portrait Prize  ».She painted a variety of objects in her artwork. With over thirty years of practice, her area of expertise includes flowers, still life, landscape.


1995  Selected of Portrait Prize, French Art Academy

1992  Graduated from ENSBA of Paris, Painting Department

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Atelier Leonard Cremonini

1988  Fellowship of Paris, Musashino Art University

1984  Graduated from Musashino Art University, Oil Painting Department

1982  Prize of excellence,  Musashino Art University

About Yoko Kume

2017 Gallery Sabra, Lyon, France        

         2017 Gallery Iroha-Do, Kinasa, Nagano, Japon

         2017 Salon des artistes français, Grand Palais, Paris

         2016 Château Conti, Isle-Adam

2016  Chapelle Sainte-Foy, Beaumettes (Gorde)

2016  Hôtel Ba Bleau, Nagano

2016  Session House Kagurazaka, Tokyo

2015  Mairie de Saint Maur

2015  Salon des artistes français, Grand Palais, Paris

2015  Session House, Gallery Garden, Kagurazaka,Tokyo

2015  Gallery Iroha-Do, Kinasa, Nagano, Japon

2015  Ateliers d'Art de Saint Maur, France

2014  Salon d'Automne, Paris

2014  Session House Gallery Kagurazaka, Tokyo

2013  Gallery Iroha, Nagano

2013  Session House Gallery Kagurazaka, Tokyo

2013  9eme International Visual Arts Workshop & Exhibition, Bangkok

2012  Banque Crédit Mutuel, Champigny, France

2012  Session House Gallery Kagurazaka, Tokyo

2010  Gallery Yorozu, Nagoya

2009  Gallery Yorozu, Nagoya

2009  Charité St Eutrope, Gordes, France

2008  Gallery Yorozu, Nagoya

2006  Ateliers d’Art de St Maur

2004  Art Event, Anvers, Belgium

2003  Art exhibition at Ernée, France

2003  Museum St Maur « Radiguet »,

2003  Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

1992 – 2002    The Gallery, London

Yoko Kume

Entrée des Beaux-Arts de Paris  

Cremonini Paintings