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Areas of Interest Image of an healthy and transparent cornea.

At the Research level

The cure for many ocular surface diseases will only be possible once corneal sensitivity, and lachrymal functions governing corneal health can be re-established or when those mechanisms are fully understood  and eventually artificially reproduced. Hence, we have written this chapter to address research leads aiming at re-establishing a normal corneal metabolism or destined to improve transparent corneal healing or certains components of tears. 

Another aspect would controlling and modulating pain signals, because currently reducing pain artificially may further compromise unheatlhy eye surface. Let's remeber that pain sign are involved in healing and tearing and without them we would tend to recreate neurotrophic dry eye (one of the worts forms of dry eye).

To sum up, our main areas of interest is:

  • corneal healing and transparency

  • improving tears and its components or its replacements

  • innovative treatments enabling to protect the eye surface, reduce pain and visual sequels in many OSD (see our section on Scleral Lenses for example).

  • re-establishing sensitivity in neurotrophic corneas

  • for the worst cases of OSD, keratoprothesis and scleral lenses.

  • growth factors or neuropeptides and biomedical treatments containing growth factors.

  • Studies enabling a better understanding of the mechanisms implicated in the normal surface metabolism so as to be able to reproduce it.

At the society's level

Keratos desires to raise awareness among the general population regarding the challenges that these diseases face in social, familiar or professional life. It's surely the ony way to improve medical and social care for, and to change behavior towards, OSD sufferers.

In sum, are main social interests are:

  • better awareness regarding the pathologies and their impact.

  • improve awareness on our professional disabilities.

  • make society to adopt better behaviour towards OSD sufferers (no tabacco, limited air-conditioner, limeted heating).

  • improve medical care,

  • increase research on ocular surface pathologies,

  • force administration to recognise ocular pain as debilitating.

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