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Invisible Disabilities

Disability sign

We've chosen to address the disability viewpoint of the most serious cases within our members (notably severe ocular surface disease). Obviously there are milder forms of lacrhymal dysfunctions and OSD, whihc although they are a burden for daily life may not be a true disability that could not be overcome witout social or administrative support. However, it also obvious that severe cases are under-estimated as far as professional and social life is concerned. It may very hard for a severe ocular surface sufferer to find and keep a job. This is in part due to the unknown consequences of our chronic ocular diseases and of their very large severity range, pain and disabilities that are not apparent. As opposed to many handicaps, ours are invisible to everyone except for eye specialists using specific equipment, since the patient may have otherwise a normal appearance which causes incomprehension. This normal apprearance soemtimes further handicaps OSD sufferers. This is particularly true for social and progessional life but may be true for family life as well.  Therefore, beyond the disability itself we have to face familiar, social, administrative and even sometimes medical incomprehension.   

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