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What can you /we do

I. You have been using preserved eyedrops for some time and are wondering what you should do, then you should consider the following options:

  • Ask you ophthalmologist to prescribe you a preservative-free version of the same product or the same active substance, which may exist in a unpreserved form.

  • Ask your ophthalmologist to do regular eye exams to check the eventual deleterious consequences of preservatives.

  • Be very vigilant and report all your tolerance problems with preservatives to your eye doctor.

  • Discuss with your ophthalmologist other treatment alternatives without preservatives for your problem.

  • If you still have tolerance problems, consult another ophthalmologist regarding the potential risk of long term use of the drops you're currently taking.

  • Some pharmacies compound preservative-free version of some drops, ask them if you can have preservative-free version of your treatment.

Attention/Caution SignHowever, do not stop your treatment unilaterally without first consulting your ophthalmologist because you fear the risks of preservatives. In some case, stopping a treatment before completion - notably with antibiotics - may have catastrophic consequences. But do report the tolerance problems you may have with the preserved drops to your eye doctor (most of the time, the preservative rather than the active substance is the causative agent).


II. You need to use eyedrops but you have developed a sensitivity to the preservative, or you have developed serious problems after using preserved drops, you would like to have a preservative-free options available for a particular treatment, then consider the following options:

  • Send a message to the pharmaceutical company in question or the drug's laboratory / retailer stating your problems and requesting a preservative-free solution for similar cases.

  • Send us a testimonial on your case to develop the awareness on the consequences of the overwhelming use of preservative in eye drops (especially concerning persons who cannot tolerate preserved drops and can't find alternatives for their treatments).

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This is what we call the 'Preservative Paradox!

Preserve our Eyes not our Drops!

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