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Reactions from Laboratories

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Laboratory Response
 Alcon  Yes, awaiting action...
 Allergan  No Answer
 Novartis  No Answer
 Pfizer  No Answer
 Europhta  No Answer



Alcon, recently bought by Novatis, which had not replied our queries for quite some time (2006),  just sent us this letter -in French sorry - that gave us some hope regarding the progressive elimination of preservatives in ophthalmic preparations. Yet, the wording is quite surprising.

Reponse d'Alcon

In any case, let's congratulate Alcon for such sudden change in policy so crucial for many chronic ophtalmic disesases. Basically, for those who do not understand French, it states that they want to ensure better treatments and tolerance of their products (besides the will to listen to patients associations... ;-) . However, more intriguing they state this very dubious sentence: "We use preservatives in our multidose [containers],  and we would like to make available to the patients our products in single use vials. HOWEVER, public authorities play an important role".

This new letter seems to indicate that if Alcon does not produce preservative free drops, it's due to the medical regulating authorities' policy. Oddly ours contacts with the French institutions seemed to prove the opposite (that is they are in favour of single use vials and are aware of the consequences of preservatives. Are they talking about the EMEA in general? Anyway, it sounds like we have to dissipate this "misunderstanding" since apparently everyone is in favour of preservative free drops. If so, all we have to do is to put it in practice. Let's not lose time and save sights.

Read our response in French:  Lire notre Réponse conservateurs pour Alcon .PDF

Even if we are very critical of Alcon we recognise that at least they bothered to answer, which is not the case of Allergan, Pfizer and Novartis for instance.



This is what we call the 'Preservative Paradox!

Preserve our Eyes, not our Drops!

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